Fun 500 and Challenge 2000 - 2016
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T and C - Please ensure you read the Tterms and Conditions below.

ASA North West Region Open Water Festival 500 FUN and 2000 CHALLENGE - Conditions

  1. The competition is open to all swimmers who are unattached to clubs.
  2. The minimum age for competing is 12 years – If you are 12 before the end of the year then you may enter.
  3. Participants must attend the briefing – Final Briefing Times will be published on line and sent to personal emails one week before the date of the competition.
  4. The Festival events are freestyle and swum over 500m and 2000m
  5. Wet suits are allowed in the Festival events – This is your choice.
  6. All Entries have to be made on line. There are no paper entries
  7. Depending on entry numbers the events may be staggered. Swim NW reserve the right to limit entries dependent upon demand.
  8. Competitors must have their number clearly visible on their cap and body in accordance with the referee’s instruction – the numbers are normally written in black ink markers on the cap and on each competitor's back and upper arms. All competitors MUST, in the interest of safety, wear the swim hat provided.
  9. Time limits after the start will be applied - 500m 20 Minutes after the start of the race and for the 2000m 40 Minutes after the first person has finished. Any longer will be at the Referee’s discretion.
  10. Any matters not provided for in these conditions shall be decided by the Regional Management Board or the event Referee.
  11. Awards
  12. FUN 500m – NW Medals will be awarded to the first 3 Male & Female in the following categories - Senior [Over 18], Junior [15-18], Novice [Under 15]
  13. CHALLENGE 2000m – NW Medals will be awarded to the first 3 Male & Female in the following categories - Senior [Over 18], Junior [Under 18], Novice [Under 15]