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First Name

Last Name

Please use name you have registered with ASA, e.g. if known as Dave but registered as David please use David

House number and Street

Post Town

Full Address and PostCode, that can be used for correspondence



Telephone Number

Mobile Number

Telephone and mobile numbers, that can be used for correspondence. Email address will be used to send out information on current and future events.

Email Address:

Emergency Name

Emergency Phone

Person the Organisors can contact using the telephone number given if a medical condition occurs

Page 1 - enter your personal details.

Page 2 - select events and entry times.

Page 3 - confirms selected events, saves your details and allows you to progress to PayPal.

PayPal - allows you to pay with a PayPal account or using a Debit or Credit card. You will then be sent a confirmation email from PayPal.

Cheque - if you do not wish to pay online, you can pay by cheque, please contact the organisors for more details.

T and C - Please ensure you read the Tterms and Conditions below.